Solar Power

Our Solar System


Solar energy is a clean, affordable, and sustainable way for anyone to generate electricity.

Panels installed on our property convert sunlight into electricity, which provides household power through an inverter. with enough power for a washing machine, internet, phones, laptops and in summer we can cook on our induction cooker.


Central Otago is blessed with some of the best sunlight hours in New Zealand, making it a very viable location for solar PV efficiency. 

As hot water is about 30-40% of the average household supply, using PV panels is a cost effective option to offset hot water and power needs.



We have mounted our panels onto an old reclaimed Morris Miner Axle, so we can turn it to track the sun for maximum efficiency.

The frame was made from salvaged steel and welded together by Mr John Herman.

We have a 1500watt system with 4 x 120amp hour batteries.