Hello and welcome to Wanaka Willows.

Tucked away near the river in Albert town, we are on a mission to grow and supply our local community with real food- fresh organic vegetables that are packed with nutrients. 

We simply grow the BEST FOOD POSSIBLE.
As seen on the Wanaka harvest video.

We grow your food using no fossil fuels.
Only 1 delivery of seed per year.

We grow your food with no chemicals.
As chemicals are simply not sustainable, gradually deteriorate the soil and our health.

Regenerative Sustainable Education - that is where we’re at.

You can only buy directly from us.


To find out what's currently growing in our garden, what veggies we can supply to you and your community please see our order page

If you're interested in our weekly veg boxes please drop us a line on 0221898267 with your contact details. 

We are working with bio-gro to gain our organic certification soon.